Wednesday, September 23, 2009

...And The Winner Is

The Hat

The Pen and Paper

The Names

The Names In the Hat

The Hand


Congratulations to Ryan Wilson of the Main Street Gazette! Ryan, if you will e-mail me HERE and let me know which print you'd like, I will put it in the mail to you.

Thanks to everyone for playing along! For those of you who left a comment and have a blog attached to your username, I have added your link to my blog list.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

An upcoming trip, creative countdown, and giveaway...

I just had to share some of my son's creativity. We are just days away from our upcoming trip to Walt Disney World. We are all very excited and my son is one of the chief 'spreaders of the pixie dust' in our home. He loves WDW... and he loves to use the Paint application on the computer. Almost every morning lately he has left a "surprise" on my computer to help me get ready for our trip. I just had to share a few of these!

And now for the giveaway...

You'll have to work for your prize. Everyone who leaves a comment on this post and can tell me one of the places on which either the 16-day and 11-day countdown pictures by my son are based on within WDW, I will put your names into a hat and allow my son (with the pixie dust) to draw the winner. What is the prize, you ask? You will receive your choice of one of my EPCOT collage series prints. Here are the choices:

You can click any of the images above to view a larger version of the drawing. The print, of course, will not have the "watermark" on it. It will be a 9" x 12" print of the original drawing on acid-free Bristol paper. Once the winner has been drawn, they will be notified and can e-mail me with their mailing address and to let me know which print they would like. I want to give those who would like to enter some time to do that, so I will be picking a winner on Wednesday, September 22nd.